Two Chances to Start Fresh

If you work in education, you’re one of the lucky ones. Every year, we get two new starts. There’s the new school year in the fall and the new calendar year in January. Take advantage of this fresh beginning. Maybe there were some things you wanted to accomplish this fall that fell to the wayside. Guess what? It’s OK. Take this time to assess what you have accomplished, review your goals and set some new ones.

Assess what you’ve done

Start a list. Start writing down some projects that you have accomplished in the past 6-12 months. Once you know what you’ve done, then you can figure out where you’re going. This is also a good time to assess how you’re spending your time. Try to figure out if you want to spend more or less time in an area or maybe find a tool that will help you be more efficient in some areas.

Review your goals

If you make a list of goals every year, get out the list and compare it to the projects that you’ve accomplished. If you wanted to build community online, did any of your projects lend themselves toward that goal? The tasks and projects that you are doing every day should be linked to the big picture – your overall goals.

Set new goals

Now you know what you’ve accomplished (or not) and which goals you’ve achieved (or not). It’s perfectly OK if you didn’t do everything you wanted. And it’s perfectly OK if your goals and projects didn’t match up like peanut butter and jelly. Because you get a fresh start. This is a new year to set new goals. Take into mind the things that you weren’t able to check off your list and figure out how you can get them done in the new year.

Check out this video from Daniel Pink and ask yourself how you can make this year better than last year.



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